The RGSL SA Sports Committee/ Sports Club was founded on the 13th of January 2014.
Currently RGSL Sports Club consists of the team of 4 members united for the purpose of creating interest of RGSL Community towards activity through participation and competition.
The interest of the students is the primary power towards organizing of any sports activity or team.
A member of a sports club can be every student, graduate student, faculty, staff of the RGSL.
The responsibility of the club members is the participation.
The main principles of the Sports Club are voluntary entry into the members of the Sports Club and eagerness to be a part of the team.


The RGSL Sports Club/Sports Committee is
• creating the necessary conditions for the development active organization of physically active leisure
• implementation of physical culture and sports in the curriculum and leisure of students and faculty
• providing competitive, recreational and instructional opportunities for the RGSL Family community
RGSL Sports Club is committed to the development of successful quality teams with a focus on enhancing the university experience through
• sportsmanship
• leadership development, moral and volitional qualities
• provision of greater opportunities for students and faculty/staff members to compete at various skills levels
• promotion of healthy/active lifestyle and social activity

Plans and functions

• attracting students to participate and conduct mass physical culture and sports events
• creating the necessary organizational and methodological conditions for practicing various forms and types of sports in accordance with established traditions at RGSL
• introducing new forms and methods of physical education
• organizing and conducting training process
• developing and implementing schedules
• providing control over the training to prepare students for upcoming Olympics and helping to create the necessary conditions for the growth of their sports skills


The Team



Natalija Kopitova

Sports Club Manager


Be responsible for overall management of the organisation and ensure that all RGSL family members are good health


+371 29230515


Rudolfs Kalkis

Sports Club PR

PR manager is responsible for successful communication between members of the organisations and all other


+371 26400358



Reinis Legzdins

Sports Club Events


Event manager is responsible for organising events and ensuring their smooth running and compliance with all the legal



Edvarts Gaigals

Sports Club Fundraiser

Chief fundraiser is responsible for raising funds for the event.


+371 29396767